12.1.2021 Update - Postponing any services through Zignaly for now. The way that their binance brokerage accounts work is not the way one would expect, and thus, many of my profitable trades instead ended in losses. I'm not going to go on some sort of smear campaign, I'll just leave it at that. My discord is set up and slowly starting to build out my own signals to channels there if you want to follow along https://discord.gg/46Bp9J4q


I DONT THINK I CAN BE ANY MORE EXPLICIT ABOUT THIS. Trading is risky. Do not put in what you cant afford to lose. Networks get overloaded, btc dumps, elon tweets... its insanity. I will always do my best to protect our money. With that said - I make NO promise of any returns, gains, or anything. What i do promise is:

    I will not steal your money
    I will not intentionally waste your money
    I will be fully transparent and communicative as possible. 

Sup? Welcome to Risky Trading Group. Yea, probably a terrible name, but whatever. Not really a group, its just me right now... but I'm "recruiting." To gain trust and invite copiers to give RTG a go, the profit sharing will be %10.

I have been trading crypto since 2011. I quit my jobs in 2016 to trade full time and do pretty well. If you are going to lose your mind over a few red days here and there, then you may consider copying another trader.

Contacting Me I started a discord of course. Its pretty lame right now. Be an OG and help me make it the place to be: https://discord.gg/XV2NsjYPQB

Heres a light day of trading: 6.17